Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to our original crowdfunding campaign?

We got a lot of positive feedback. Overwhelmingly, we heard that people wanted something simpler than we intended creating. Everyone who supported our original crowdfunding will be contacted and given a choice to remain a supporter (and we will make it very worth your while, look out for our email), or of course we are happy to return people’s contributions.

We are prototyping the new configuration. We love hearing people’s ideas which is why we’ve retooled this site to give early adopters the chance to buy a prototype Satori Box and contribute by designing new games and strategies for using the cards.

If you have any questions or want to participate with us please use the email link below, we will respond to you personally.

What does Satori mean?

Satori is Japanese for ‘awakening.’

Why are we doing this?

We deeply believe that everyone has value to bring and by knowing yourself fully you bring your fullest value and potential to life.

This affects everything about your experience of life: your sense of place in the world and belonging, your confidence, the ease with which you communicate with people and are understood, your tempo... every meaningful aspect of your life experience is entirely shaped by your thoughts.

We also believe that we live in a time of great change in our thinking; people are eager to wake up and take personal responsibility and shape their futures. Satori Box represents our commitment to that greater wave of change.

Imagine a world where we can all use a universal language and framework to understand how our thinking can be used collaboratively by acknowledging and appreciating individual differences in the way we blend the common patterns of thinking.

This has been the work of the mindtime foundation (and its predecessor the mindtime project) since 1995.


We may not need to crowdfund. We have made huge progress the last 5 months of development and growth. If we launch our crowdfunding again (fall 2017), we aim to raise the funds to bring more components of the Satori experience (books, guides and mobile app), to you and to continue making our difference in the world. However, you don’t need to wait until then. You can be a Satori prototyper: Just order a prototype Satori Box (fully functional but no mobile app yet) and contribute to making a differences in the world by designing your own games, strategies and uses. If you share them with us you might win valuable rewards (announcement coming soon to people who are registered or have bought a prototype Satori Box).

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Our mission

To help people understand people.

For more than 20 years we have worked as a small group of collaborators dedicated to revealing how human thinking actually works and its effects at work in our world ( The wisdom we’ve discovered is timeless, it has been written about in philosophical treatises, academic literature and spiritual texts for thousands of years. It is the profound realisation that your mind, the “I” that is you, and all of your thoughts, are only possible because of Time and its three dimensions—Past, Present, and Future. Through developing a personal awareness of this insight people gain the ability to fully realise their potential as individuals, how they relate to others and how they collaborate in their efforts in life.

About us

Satori Box™ is an initiative of the mindtime foundation, a non-profit foundation based in Groningen, The Netherlands. The mindtime foundation, in collaboration with its partners, is exploring the many potential applications of the Theory of MindTime, a scientifically well-established metacognitive framework that is revolutionising how we understand ourselves, our perceptions, thinking and behaviour. The foundation’s mission is to offer MindTime as a universal standard to help people understand people in the digital and analogue realms.

The foundation represents, collectively, over 60 years of effort between thinkers, designers, scientists, psychologists, story-tellers, writers, graphic artists, and developers. We are proud to have delivered many publications, peer-reviewed scientific papers, workshops, public presentations, and years of consultation and coaching to not-for-profit, government, and industry organisations around the world.

Letter from the Founder

While developing this product we began a crowdfunding campaign. This taught us a lot about how people want to experience this product. We didn’t quite get it right. People love the game and the concept. It was simply that we had tried to pack too much into the Satori experience and thus made it sound too involved.

In our eagerness to share Satori with the world, we also didn’t take the time pre‐campaign to properly grow our list of supporters and interested people. Whoops! We should have done this better. We learned the lessons well and we are growing our community.

Please register for our newsletter and help us achieve critical mass. We will send you a fun and insightful introductory PDF e-book about MindTime Perspectives, the powerful framework of human thinking Satori Box is based on.

Knowing how we think is the first step towards understanding ourselves: this is deeply freeing in and of itself. Your feedback and our early learning experiences have made us even more committed to our goal of sharing this wisdom and insight globally.


founder, the mindtime foundation

Groningen, The Netherlands

Company Information

the mindtime foundation
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9717JJ Groningen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31623605297

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  • Playing the cards turned lifelong struggles in my thinking into assets.

    • Marika Curganov
  • A fun way to explore your deepest patterns of thought.

    • Dr. Richard Morris
  • Worth at least a year of therapy.

    • Jeff Sapperstein
  • This is magic!

    • Larry Connors
  • Mind-blowing!

    • Dr. Richard Jackson
  • I was amazed to discover the accuracy.

    • Cliff Hakim
  • This got my attention like none other.

    • Scott Geary
  • Stunningly effective.

    • Cameron Cooper
  • Turned on the light.

    • Cyndi Miller
  • What the f@*k?

    • Yorick Keijzer
  • For anyone who is interested in awareness this is an excellent step.

    • Carol Waller
  • A very positive experience.

    • Jeremy Fryberger